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Supporting and Being Supported

Track Fit aims to mentor our youth through the high school experience and ready them for the world of higher education.   And through partnerships with local businesses, our youth will develop communication and business skills essential for success in modern society.  All of this will be done while simultaneously improving their athletic ability.  In the end, we hope to produce athletes who give back to the communities from which they received support.

Athletic Development and Health​


The Athlete

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Contributions benefit Track Fit Corp., a not for profit tax exempt organization. 
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We understand that success can only be achieved when we work together.  That’s why Track Fit acts as a mediator between the coaches and the parents.  Parents will be more informed, which will lead to greater involvement.  Greater parental involvement produces a less stressful environment for the coaches, freeing them to focus on developing the students’s athletic ability.  It also creates a more organized and supervised environment, setting a proper standard for our maturing young adults.

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Our coaches play a vital role during the most vulnerable phase in the lives of our youth.  Track Fit supports coaches by organizing programs, allowing coaches to focus on what they love: developing young athletes into the optimal versions of themselves.  Obesity is something that has increased yearly.  We are here to help change that.  Through Track Fit, we will spread the knowledge of the importance of nutrition and exercise.​

A Better Chance Through Track FIT

With support from local businesses, our youth will volunteer at local businesses and other charitable institutions.  This will providing an opportunity for students to better understand the importance of business involvement in their local communities while learning and improving upon their social and business skills.  TrackFit will attempt to place participants in a specific business or institution that best suits the skillset of the individual; this will ensure the mutual benefit of both the local business and the student.​


the Coaches

The Parents