Track Fit’s founder, Antoinette Wilks, migrated to Florida from Jamaica at the age of nine.  She grew up in a single parent home.  Due to constant relocation, she found it difficult to establish meaningful relationships.  Fortunately, as a freshman at Palm Beach Lakes High School, she encountered Coach Jerome Groover, the school’s head track coach.  His guidance and mentorship changed the trajectory of her life.  

She eventually earned a four-year track scholarship to the University of South Carolina.  As a collegiate student-athlete, she became a three-time All-American and captain of the University’s first National Championship team.  Her talents eventually earned her the right to compete in the U.S. Olympic Team Trials, but injury ultimately prevented her from competing in the Olympics.  

Although the lessons learned through Antoinette’s athletic achievements are significant, she considers them secondary to the prominent impact of the mentoring provided by her high school coach, Coach Jerome Groover.  His efforts and the subsequent effects they had on her life led her to establish Track Fit.  The mission is as follows: Provide young athletes with the tools necessary to be productive members of society by fostering a culture that holds them accountable and teaches them responsibility.  

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Our motto is "We can work together!" We believe our parents, coaches, and communities all have roles to play in the essential undertaking of molding our youth into individuals of great worth who willingly and joyfully give back to their communities. 
We accomplish this as a unified body providing our youth with requisite business and social skills, sowing in them the seeds of community involvement, and supporting them so they are able to grow and give back.

Jeremy Harkness

Program Coordinator





We envison younger generations working together to build the bridge between communities and each other. 

Antoinette Wilks

Executive Director

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Nicolette Snyder

 Student Marketing Major at Keiser University

​Marketing Assistant


Curtis Fyre

 CFO/Finance Director

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Timothy Schulz, PA 

Business Litigation Lawyer​

 Advisory Board

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Brittany Everad  

​Event Coordinator  & Manager

At Track Fit we host programs and events that engage the community while cultivating self-esteem and self-improvement in our youth.  Our purpose is to edify disadvantaged youths  through means of community service in order to engender a sense of belonging and purpose.  Programs that focus on College preparation, business presentation, physical fitness, and team building are the cornerstones of Track Fit.

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Our non-profit is about training the hearts and minds of our youth. We strive to focus on a part that is often neglected: giving back and relationship building. It is always a great feeling to receive, but we want to instill in our young ones the reward one receives by giving, caring, and sharing as a team.  

Melvin Johnson 

Student Majoring in sports management  at Keiser University

Assistant Coach & Organizer   

Zori-Ann Ferguson 

​ Student at Palm Beach Lakes High School ​Marketing Assistant Organizer