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Track Fit Club gives athletes multiple opportunities to be Community Advocates by:  

  •  Creating events that allow the athletes to understand the importance of supporting his/her community such the Healthy Adult Run ​
  • Helping athletes' mentor and involve Adapted Athletes throughout the year and at the Summer Splash Event 

Track Fit Club gives athletes an opportunity to develop Entrepreneurial skills by: 

  •   Providing athletes with opportunities to develop communication and collaboration skills within the local business community
  •  ​​Providing a vehicle for student athletes to support their local Track Club and/or School Track Club
  •  Funding travel expenses to attend nationwide track meets  

Contributions benefit Track Fit Corp., a not for profit tax exempt organization. Public Charitable for the Track and Field community.
 Track Fit Corp. receives 100% of each contribution.

Track Fit Club endeavors to create an environment where track athletes will graduate high school with athletic skills, a sense of community advocacy, and an entrepreneurial spirit. Track Fit Club gives athletes a place to Develop Athletically because it:  

  •   Gives students access to track and field and resources 
  •    Provides access to a coaches to continue learning proper techniques for specific track and field events 
  •    Encourages team building through multi-generational events 
  •     Encourages athletes to mentor the next gen and Adapted athletes 


Please consider becoming a Track Fit Volunteer or simply follow us on social media and help spread the word. 

Our motto is “We can work together!” We believe our young athletes are future superstars, and we strive to inspire them to grow as individuals and give back to their communities.

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